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Valentin S.

Author’s note: sorry this update has taken so long to get here! There shouldn’t be such long gaps between dev updates anymore.

Valentin Seon

Valentin’s an interesting guy — a genuine soul with inviting eyes and a tendency to galvanize people around his ideas. With his ability to work well with others and a compassionate nature, he tends to make good impressions with equally good folk…

Close, Yet Remote

…which wouldn’t quite explain his current position on the globe.

Valentin. He’s an ex-boxer. He’s the CIO of a close-knit IT company. And he’s a bit of a philanthropist. Currently tucked away in a shoddy apartment in the heart of Hong Kong’s industrial empire, you wouldn’t know that he had ever experienced any form of success. Far from a lavish lifestyle, perhaps he enjoys being grounded. A budding international business relationship on a limited budget could lay your worries to rest, but still…couldn’t he do any better?

Valentin reading

He’s a regular guy, doing regular guy things — working out, clubbing, and checking in on his company’s holdings while on his remote “vacation”. But Chains, having come to his apartment seeking lodging a few months prior, can’t seem to shake the feeling that something’s not quite right. Not that it’s any of his concern, really, what with his own problems.

Having once been devout in a certain religion, Valentin regards Chains with a cautiousness that comes along with years of deeply-instilled guilt. Luckily, take-it-as-it-comes guy that he is, he’s assuaged pretty easily…most of the time.

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