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Hey, It’s Commissions!

Last year, I ordered a round of commissions to see how my newly finalized characters would look in other people’s styles and finally spread around some patronage! Those people were Em, Taralen, Trecomics, and Eric Lide! Definitely commission these people, because they are good at art and communication!!

I was shown Em’s stuff and was impressed! She did a lovely pic of Eugene!

Trecomics drew Chains and Valentin being all buddy-buddy. Cool fact: she was the artist of one of my favorite webcomics before it stopped!

Taralen did Valentin and made him cute as heck!! Dang!!!

I think I may have introduced Eric into new territory… :D

These will be added permanently to the gallery once I feel like updating it again (probably after the site revamps — something I’ve been working on, along with the comic).

I’m going to TCAF again this year in May, and I’ll probably commission people there if possible. Yeah! Looking to adorn my wall with pretties!

Thank you all!

On another note, the next development post should be due within the next week or so. Don’t miss it!


Next Time:

  • Panzer and Andrea
  • Love and Fear (Chains and Wren)
  • Shiisa
  • A Farm Upstate
  • And more!

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