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Eugene K. (Yugami)

(Happy New Year! I meant to post this and the previous post much sooner, but the last fourth of 2014 got really busy. I actually got sick for once, too. Wacky. There’s always so much going on.)

Eugene. Formerly Eustace — he’s gone through a few changes, as you might notice if you’ve read the old comic. (If you switch this old layout to the green one in the sidebar, you can see his previous design.)

Even as a┬álast-year student of the Institution for Training in the Arts of death, with the adopted nickname Yugami, he’s well-known in the realms of death gods and daemons. Yet, few know much about him.


An Underlying Strength

He specializes in aura manipulation and is basically an Incubus, reinforcing his general popularity among the…sexually competent. He’s also more powerful than he lets on — and his own ability to resist attack has gotten him out of many hairy situations.

His relationship to Chains is strange, to say the least. Let’s just say, he’s given good reasons for Chains to keep an eye on him…despite recent changes in their dynamic.

Hidden Past

Eugene has friends in many places, but they would almost all say the same thing about him. Eugene’s “true” personality is almost impenetrable. Lots of people ask about his choice of death god vocation, his nose (since so many death gods are encouraged to “pursue perfection”), his choices of attire. But Eugene doesn’t waste time with stupid questions or wasted words.


His independence is admirable, at least. But there is the question of exactly what he’ll do once he graduates…

The Main Trio

Now the guys have all been introduced!



Next we’ll be talking about some of the peripheral elements of the new story. Please look forward to them!

Next Time:

  • Panzer and Andrea
  • Love and Fear (Chains and Wren)
  • Shiisa
  • A Farm Upstate
  • And more!


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