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Broken Pages!

Hey! Between the 24th and last night, all the archive pages were broken, but I didn’t notice. Uh, whoops! I fixed them now. I’m not exactly eager for you to slog through the old stuff, but I did want it to be available until the reboot happens. So…read it while you can?

By the way, I’ve been updating the Tumblr with a bunch of right proper reference pics and doodles of our main men! Whoa, what’s happening? Art? Finally? Soon I’ll post some of it here, as well as some “bonus” stuff (including a surprise!) and the next entries in the development series.

Coming Next:

  • A Lonely Home in Hong Kong
  • Eustace K. (Yugami)
  • Panzer and Andrea
  • Love and Fear (Chains and Wren)
  • Shiisa
  • A Farm Upstate
  • And more!

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