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A Lonely Home in Hong Kong

A lot of scenes in volume 1 take place in Valentin’s and Chains’s apartment, centered in the midst of an area that’s had a bit more paranormal activity and strange happenings lately.


Yeah…a little bit…

While Valentin’s particular building seems to be in relatively decent shape, you might see why he got cut a deal for this location. Though at a glance, and considering his position in life, you’d think he wouldn’t be so cheap.

At least it’s better on the inside. Marginally. (Though Chains isn’t the neatest of people.)


Fun fact: I developed Valentin’s apartment in SketchUp for the purpose of drawing things in it from any imaginable angle, taking out the mystery and a lot of the effort that would be involved in drawing it over and over again. After all, I didn’t want to limit backgrounds or any possible dynamic approaches to paneling.



I even made it more detailed, inserting furniture resources like Valentin would own, fixtures, and resizing/adjusting things to fit proportionally and size-appropriately. I could view it then in any way!


I can even do angles like this!

Here are some more shots, including wireframes and the original floor plans:

I had a lot of fun with it. This will be a big help when the comic gets going next year!

Next Time:

  • Eugene K. (Yugami)
  • Panzer and Andrea
  • Love and Fear (Chains and Wren)
  • Shiisa
  • A Farm Upstate
  • And more!

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